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Rasvillage Maldives

Your Maldivian  Story

Ras village is a Guest house located in Rasdhoo island Maldives just a  minute away from the bikini beach area, perfect for a relaxing getaway in the Maldives.
At Ras Village MaldivesWe offer 7 beautifully furnished hotel rooms and a restaurant on-site with a dining area where guests can relish their meals during the stay. The hotel also has an open living area outdoor where the guests can just relax and enjoy the sun.

Famous for big fish and breathtaking underwater scenery, Rasdhoo’s diving is truly some of the best in the world. Rising out of the ocean depths, this tiny atoll has found fame as one of the Maldives’ top locations for encounters with sharks - including hammerheads. Not to mention spectacular experiences with manta rays and schooling fish. Visit Rasdhoo Island Maldives and explore deep reef walls and dramatic topography, relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy the hospitality.


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